What is the Best Kitchen Campaign?

The ‘Best Kitchen Campaign’ is an awareness program that aims at educating the staff of food establishments on
effective disposal of grease trap waste and used cooking oil.

Who is organising the campaign?

The program is developed and conducted by ENVIROL with the endorsement of Dubai Municipality.

What are the objectives of the campaign?

• To develop a level of understanding on the basic principles of food hygiene & safety in kitchen food
establishments related to food waste disposal.

• To raise awareness to develop best practices and enhance compliance with applicable municipality
regulations and guidelines.

• To lower costs and risks linked with incorrect kitchen practices associated with grease trap waste and
used cooking oil disposal.

• To assist establishments in providing a high level of protection to human life and health while protecting
the interests of consumers.

What is the logistics of the campaign?

After receiving your registration, you will be requested to arrange at your premises an awareness session, that will
be conducted by ENVIROL representatives, who will sharpen your kitchen staff knowledge about grease trap waste
and used cooking oil disposal.

Post campaign, our team will visit all participating establishments to evaluate compliance with regulations and
establishments’ best practices based on set criteria.

Further to the evaluation, certificate shall be awarded to all participants and the ‘Best Kitchen’ winner will be
recognised in a ceremony hosted by Dubai Municipality.

When does the campaign start?

The campaign will start in January 2017 and will end in June 2017.

What are the criteria for selection of the Best Kitchen?

• Do you have a grease trap installed?
• Is the type and number of grease traps compliant with the Dubai Municipality regulations?
• Are you aware of the frequency at which you must clean your grease trap?
• Is your grease trap regularly cleaned and maintained? Can you provide records?
• Are you aware of all the grease trap related documents that should be maintained and recorded as per Dubai Municipality guidelines?
• Do you know if your grease trap cleaning contractor is authorised by Dubai Municipality?
• Do you know whether your grease trap waste has been discharged properly (at ENVIROL recycling plant) or not?
• Can you provide legal documented evidence that your waste is discharged at the recycling plant?
• Are there ‘No Grease’ signs posted in appropriate locations of your kitchen?
• Do you ‘dry wipe’ pots, pans and dish-ware prior to rinsing and washing?
• Do you dispose of solid waste and not discharge it to the grease trap?
• Is the grease trap area kept clean, and well vented?
• Do you recycle food waste?
• Has your establishment implemented a training program to ensure that the grease trap guidelines are followed?
• Are you aware of the negative and harmful impact resulting from not regularly cleaning your grease trap
• Do you correctly dispose used cooking oil? Can you provide record?
• Is the used cooking oil drum kept clean, with no oil spill?
• Do you know if your used cooking oil collection contractor is authorised by Dubai Municipality?

Who can register?

Any food establishment operating in Dubai can register in the Best Kitchen Campaign.

How to register?

To register your establishment in the Best Kitchen Campaign, just send an email to bestkitchen@blue.ae with
the following information:

• Name of the establishment
• Address
• Name of the contact person
• Email
• Telephone
• Number of outlets
• Number of staff that will be trained
• Valid trade licence copy

We will get back to you shortly after receiving your registration to arrange the awareness session.

Guidelines & Regulations?

Below links to Dubai Municipality documents related to grease traps:

Dubai Municipality Local Order No. 8 of 2002 – Regarding Sewerage, Irrigation, & Water Drainage in The Emirate Of Dubai   (Click to Open)
Dubai Municipality – Guide for all Grease Trap Cleanings, Maintenance, Waste Collecting and Transporting to Grease Trap Waste Treatment Plant  (Click to Open)
• Grease Trap Cleaning Job card
• Grease Trap Discharge Coupon