Objectives & Aims

With a booming hospitality sector that grows rapidly within the UAE, food establishments produce massive amounts of food waste on a daily basis that starting becoming a concern to the authorities, thus leading to the inception of ENVIROL.

ENVIROL began breaking ground upon the Joint Venture between Alserkal Group and the Dubai Municipality. This was an introduction to a unique recycling plant that solely targeted waste produced by Food establishments and eateries across UAE.

To date, Envirol exists as the only waste edible oil treatment within the region.

Objectives and Aims


  • To increase the environmental benefits of FOG contaminants
  • To increase awareness of FOG damage to the environment
  • To promote recycling and reuse of waste
  • To contribute solutions to Municipalities, assist the Local Authority to manage its liquid waste in a safe and non-hazardous way
  • To assist the waste collectors and cleaning companies to handle and treat this waste in a safe and environmentally friendly way.


  • To provide technology to all GCC Municipalities
  • To capitalize on the opportunities present in the grease trap waste recycling industry and market for products derived from the grease trap recycling plant; and
  • To break new ground towards accessible, sustainable energy with our cutting-edge technology and serve as a model for the entire region.