Envirol was born as a joint initiative by the Dubai Municipality and Alserkal Group. Envirol is a waste edible oil treatment plant located in Al Aweer in Dubai. It plays a significant role in being environmentally conscious, since the waste that is taken to the plant goes into process and produces fertilizer, Water and Oil that can be reused for composting, irrigation and detergent industries respectively.

After conducting, examining and analyzing various research and surveys, applying and testing different methods, inviting numerous experts and visiting various recycling plants, we can confidently say that we have established not only the best method of separating the maximum amount of oil and fat from grease trap waste but also in the most cost effective way in the Middle East.

The waste collected in the grease traps are brought to the plant where it goes through an intricate series of separation to give out 3 end products.

  • Fertilizer
  • Water
  • Refined Oil

Envirol Recycling



ENVIROL through recycling and refining makes it possible to attain further use of these waste products not only reducing the dumping receptors perimeters but environmentally having a clean(GREEN) impact over all.

Each end product now enters back into the system to be made use of ….